apr 12 2020

US dates postponed

Short update regarding our US dates in May: due to the ongoing circumstances, all shows in May have been cancelled. However, we have already confirmed our participation for the rescheduled Maryland Deathfest and Earslaughter festivals in 2021. As soon as we get more dates confirmed, we’ll let you know.

We are hopeful the September US dates won’t be affected – as of right now those will go ahead as planned.

Best wishes to everybody in these trying times and in the words of Lemmy: Stay Clean!

jan 24 2020

2020 public viewings

Here’s where you can find the surgery team during 2020.
We’re looking to add a couple of more shows to the list, stay de-tuned.

As we are not part of the District 19 roster anymore, please send any booking inquires to booking@generalsurgery.se

jan 22 2020

Dr Sykes temporarily returns

First bit of news in 2020; unfortunately Dr Eriksson has to sit out most of our public autopsies this year. But fear not, the gore will go on with an old familiar foe taking the stage in Dr Eriksson’s stead.

After nearly 14 years of unsuccessfully evading public scrutiny amidst a myriad of lawsuits stemming from ethics violations and general malpractice concerns, Dr. Sykes has made the decision to come out of forced retirement to once again disgrace the stage for a string of US dates.

Last known whereabouts of Dr Sykes

When approached for comment, Dr. Sykes only mumbled “It wasn’t my fault. I was very drunk” then refused any further questioning. He was last seen entering his attorney’s office in Atlanta, Georgia.

mar 21 2019

2019 exhibitions

Find your favourite surgeons at these morgues during 2019:

GS shows 2019

GS shows 2019

sep 21 2017

Special showdown in Stockholm

GS - Harry B James 2017-10-21

GS – Harry B James 2017-10-21

We’ll be the evening’s entertainment at the release party for Mikael Strömbergs new book ”De Förjagade”. This shindig will happen on Saturday 21st of October at Harry B James in Stockholm.

Don’t miss out and we’ll see you in the bar!