mar 22 2015

Exit Dr Sillman, enter Dr Skytt

The unsuspecting Dr Skytt

The unsuspecting Dr Skytt









We recently experienced somewhat of a disturbance within our ranks, with Dr Sillman sadly announcing his retirement from active duty.
Here’s what’s what on the situation:

”It has been a difficult decision, but I’ve decided to step aside from my duties within the band. The reason for this is simply because of other commitments and wanting to focus on other stuff.

In other words, lack of time. The past 3 years has been nothing but great and I’d like to thank and wish the remaining surgeons nothing but the best for the future!

A big thanks also goes out to all the people, bands and promoters who has supported us in any way.

Dr Sillman”

We would like to take this opportunity to give kudos to Dr Sillman for enduring the past three years without too many complaints,  and doing a commendable job during his stint. While he must realise he’s now somewhat tainted for life, we still hope for a bright future/suture on his behalf.

But fear not – the morgue never closes. And as luck would have it, we managed to scour the earth for one more unsuspecting individual with dubious medical qualifications to take on the task at hand. With his bona fide resume, we saw it fit to welcome him to the operating theatre.

Please meet Dr Skytt, shredder of strings and gauze:

”Whilst persuing my own iniquitous business, all of a sudden, I got a question from some fellow surgeons – would I like to participate in their fiendish business? Somewhat intrigued I found out they were missing a member … and knew of my dexterity with needle and thread?

I wiped the blood off my forehead and pondered on the concept of joining a league of not so gentle musicians. I have a reputation to think of. Or … maybe my hideous past is best left forgotten.

After maybe 15 seconds of deliberating I came to the conclusion that this band of merry grinders was indeed a company I could find myself gleefully enjoying!

I hastily replied that I indeed found their suggestion enticing and here we are … let’s have a blast!”

Needless to say – the show will go on. We’ll see you out there again shortly. It is in your interest to be very, very prepared.