nov 11 2009

Chaos Blast Meating vol 5

Chaos Blast Meating 5

Chaos Blast Meating vol 5 confirmed.
Date: Saturday 13th of March 2010
Location: Feierwerk Munich, Germany


nov 3 2009

UK tour in November – not happening

We feel we need to address this matter since we’re getting a lot of questions about these UK dates that were supposed to happen in November. Anyway, here goes:

Earlier in the year, we had some negotiations with a couple of promoters in the UK for a possible short tour in November. As we could not come to a satisfactory deal, we backed out and decided to try for next year instead.

Now, for whatever reason we don’t know, some of these promoters decided to go ahead and publish information about GS playing their town, some even went as far as making flyers. This was way before any deals were closed, so we had them remove this false info as quick as we possibly could as soon as we found out.

Now it seems that there’s still some of this info floating around, which we’re not responsible for and needless to say, it shouldn’t be out there since we’re not touring the UK in November.

So, in conclusion: if the info is not posted here and on our official Myspace site, the show is not happening.

Sorry for the inconvenience and hope this will clear things up. We will try to set up some UK shows next year, and as soon as we have anything ready you will know through us.

Thanks for reading.

nov 2 2009

Hellfest 2010 booked

Date: 18th-20th June 2010, exact day and time TBA.
Where: Clisson, France.