mar 21 2019

2019 exhibitions

Find your favourite surgeons at these morgues during 2019:

GS shows 2019

GS shows 2019

mar 20 2019

Trust No One Merchandise web morgue opens today

Today brings some significant news regarding our merchandise!

We are teaming up with the burgeoning imperium known as Trust No One Merchandise to sell all our merch online in the EU region.
(There still will be merch available at Warlord Clothing, primarily for the US market.)

As of today’s launch, there will be some older designs in the shop which we have sold at our gigs up until now.
But fear not, in a short while we’ll have a couple of new designs up as well – one of those will be a TNO only design and not sold at any shows.

All orders will come with a free General Surgery/Butcher ABC split CD, plus some other assorted goodies.

Don your protective scrubs and head over to:

General Surgery 2017

General Surgery 2017