mar 29 2009

Visuals added

Added a new Visuals page to the site. The idea is to collect and publish cool (unofficial) video footage of the band in somewhat decent quality.

If you have anything to submit that looks and sounds good enough, feel free to send us a link to your stuff and well consider it for publishing.

mar 28 2009

New songs uploaded + Kafé 44 videos

Uploaded some new music to the Media section, including one more song off Corpus In Extremis: Analysing Necrocriticism entitled Final Excarnation.
Also, one song off the Butcher ABC split and a few more old songs have been added. Enjoy the audio carnage.

Furthermore, here’s a couple of videos from last weekend’s festivities at Kafé 44, courtesy of Demonias blog.

Ambulance Chaser

Ichor (featuring Kalle of Kaamos)

mar 26 2009

Corpus In Extremis – US release date

Corpus In Extremis, CD 2009

Corpus In Extremis, CD 2009

Just a quick note to let you know that Corpus In Extremis: Analysing Necrocriticism will be released in the US on the 7th of April, distributed by Koch Entertainment. Same tracklist as the European version.

Only on CD for now, so you vinyl freaks will probably have to get the LP directly from Listenable when it comes out. More info on the LP release date soon.

mar 26 2009

Interview Slavestate

Interview with Dr Carlsson and Dr Sahlström (in Swedish) up at the Slavestate website.

mar 25 2009

GS/Butcher ABC split LP version soon out

We just got word from Living Dead Society Records that the LP version of the GS/Butcher ABC split will be out shortly. Vinyl 12″ LP version is a limited edition to 1000 copies in splatter vinyl, with different cover/artwork from the CD version.
Contact for ordering info and prices.

The CD version is still available and you can order from Obliteration Records at this email address:

Swedish customers might want to order from Repulsive Records webshop.

On a final note, thanks to everybody who came out to our release party show on Saturday. Sorry to turn so many away at the door, next time we’ll sort out a bigger venue.
Hope to post a few pics from the festivities shortly. Cheers!