jan 20 2012

Relapse resurrection

So, we’ve re-signed to our old/new label Relapse Records for our up and coming releases, and here’s the press release in all it’s glory:

GENERAL SURGERY:  Re-Sign To Relapse Records; Announce Singles Collection

Relapse Records is extremely proud to announce the official re-signing of Swedish goregrind legends GENERAL SURGERY!  Originally formed in 1988, GENERAL SURGERY (Joacim Carlsson – guitar, Andreas Eriksson – bass, Andreas Mitroulis – drums, Erik Sahlström – lead vocals) released the seminal Necrology EP via Relapse in 1991 before going on a long hiatus until 2002.  The band released numerous splits, EPs, and two full-length albums since then and will be coming back in a blood-soaked rage in 2012!

A Collection of Depravation, a compilation of 30 GENERAL SURGERY choice cuts will see its official release via Relapse on March 27th and is available for pre-order here.  The collection was digitally remastered by Pig Destroyer’s Scott Hull and contains a 24 page booklet with extensive liner notes from the band.

Additionally, the band will be releasing a new 7” EP and recording their highly anticipated 3rd full-length album in the near future.  Dr. Carlsson commented on the signing and upcoming releases:

“We are honored to announce that we will once again be working with the label that started us off (and in a way, we helped get off to a good start too back in 1990). Things are indeed coming full circle as we enter another phase of our gristle spattered career.

The seeds for this collaboration were sown during the process of re-releasing the Necrology EP last year, where both parties felt that further co-operation would be just the right thing for the future.

Coming up immediately is our new 30-track collection CD, ”A Collection of Depravation”, brimming with old putrefying cuts from our earlier split releases.

Following that will be a 5-track 7″ EP entitled ”Like An Ever Flying Limb”, recorded during fall 2011 at Audiohammer (Swe) studio.  As if that wasn’t enough, there will be a 3rd full length album to look forward to in the not so distant future.

Join us in the celebration of blood soaked shenanigans that is 2012 – GS and Relapse will bring you nothing but the best as usual!

Thank you all and we’ll see you in the morgue.”

GENERAL SURGERY are available for interviews upon request.  To get in touch with the band, simply contact bob@relapse.com.  Stay tuned to www.RELAPSE.com and the official GENERAL SURGERY website and Facebook page for the latest GENERAL SURGERY information.

jan 20 2012

A Collection of Depravation

We finally got around to releasing one of the most requested items in the history of the band: all of our split releases on one CD – ”A Collection of Depravation”.
Release date is March 27th.

Contains the out-of-print splits with The County Medical Examiners, Filth, Machetazo, along with plenty of unreleased material from the Left Hand Pathology sessions, the Butcher ABC split sessions and the Corpus In Extremis sessions. To top it off, we’ve added the Carcass cover we recorded back in 2001 as a bonus track.
30 oozing cuts in all, plus a 24 page booklet with extensive liner notes. Also, all songs have been remastered by Scott Hull from Pig Destroyer for maximum audio fidelity.

Track list:

1. Pre-Bisectal Corrosive Immersion
2. Lab Rat
3. Mortuary Wars
4. Cauterization Frenzy
5. Reception of Cadavers
6. Decomposer
7. Convivial Corpse Disposal Methodology
8. Foetal Mush (Xysma cover)
9. Unruly Dissection Marathon
10. Scalpel Infestation
11. Fully-Mechanized Corpse Thresher
12. The League of Extraordinary Grave Robbers
13. Necrodecontamination
14. Forensic Farce
15. Viva! Blunt Force Trauma
16. Cold Storage Fever
18. Autopsy Induced Amnesia
19. The Day Man Lost (Carnage cover)
20. Deadhouse
21. Decedent Scarification Aesthetics
22. Idle Teratoma Core
23. Restrained Remains
24. Maggots In Your Coffin (Repulsion cover)
25. Carbonic Residue Conversion
26. Nephroblastoma
27. Excessive Corpus Delicti
28. Pre-Bisectal Corrosive Immersion (2008)
29. Lab Rat (2008)
30. Empathological Necroticism (Carcass cover)

”A Collection Of Depravation assembles all of legendary Swedish goregrind outfit General Surgery’s out of print singles, vinyl only eps, comp appearances and a few unheard demos into one filthy CD collection. Spanning close to two decade’s worth of material A Collection Of Depravation is a headbanging gallop sure to satisfy the most bloodthirsty goregrind fanatics.”

Pre-order it from the Relapse web store.

jan 13 2012

Dr Wallin resigns from the surgery team

We are sorry to hit you with some somber news at the beginning of 2012, but here it is from Dr Wallin himself:

”Due to increasing personal commitments and lack of time I am unfortunately forced to leave the team of surgeons. I´d like to wish my past fellow medicals all the best for the future, and thank them for these 8 years of unruly scalpel marathon, as well as send out a big cheers to all the fans, promotors who booked us and bands we played with during these years.
/Dr Wallin”

The rest of the surgery team are of course sorry to see Dr Wallin leave our ranks and wish him all the best for the future. We sure had a good run and Dr Wallin’s contribution will not be forgotten.

Right now we are in the process of finishing up our collection of old split releases to come out on CD for the first time. More info on the release date and the label releasing it as soon as we get word.

We have also recorded five new songs during the fall which will be released as a 7″ on said label at some point during the new year. In other news, song writing for the 3rd full length album has commenced.

To sum it up, lots of new product coming out from us in 2012 and for now we will be continuing as a 4 piece unit writing a new album. Sickly splattering sounds will be coming your way in 2012 – the gore won’t stop!