apr 8 2009

Review in Dagens Nyheter

Once again we’ve scored a high review in Swedish mainstream media, 4/5 in Dagens Nyheter. Read the review (in Swedish) here:


mar 26 2009

Interview Slavestate

Interview with Dr Carlsson and Dr Sahlström (in Swedish) up at the Slavestate website.

mar 18 2009

Corpus In Extremis review in Nöjesguiden

Another rave review in the mainstream media, this time Nöjesguiden: ”Definitely one of the best records of 2009”.

Here’s the review (in Swedish):


mar 15 2009

Critical Mass interview

Interview (in Swedish) with Dr Carlsson up on the Critical Mass website.

Click here to read.

mar 11 2009

Corpus In Extremis review in SVD

So, we almost got a highscore in todays edition of Svenska Dagbladet, 5 out of 6.

Here’s the review (in Swedish)