dec 22 2021

A Legendary Death lyric video

It’s a Wednesday deathfest! Or an early Christmas present. Another official General Surgery lyric video … of sorts. For the title track of the new A Legendary Death EP.

Grab a suitable beverage and check it out!

The EP is out on a digital (streaming for vengeance!) platform near you and on Bandcamp:

dec 3 2021

A Legendary Death

A Legendary Death
A Legendary Death

So, here we are again with a new release for you all. What is this, you may wonder?
It’s a somewhat of a nostalgic look back into the past, to honor some fallen peers/friends, brought on by some recent tragic circumstances.

Two original songs, written in the style of the bands we are honoring. Also, we did a couple of cover songs as well. You can probably figure it out from there.

In the coming days, there will be more posts from us detailing a little more of the background of these songs and this recording.

Meanwhile, we hope you will enjoy the music. A full release with cover art, insert and lyrics is available at Bandcamp:

A sincere thank you to anyone who contributed their time and effort to this project.

While we won’t charge anything for this release, we kindly ask you to give a donation to the cancer foundation. Links below. or

PS. The release is digital for now, no physical editions in the works just yet. Available at all streaming platforms.

jun 11 2021

Lay Down and Be Counted EP released today

As we’ve all been aware of the previous year, sickness never sleeps. The same applies to the upcoming audio ailments, provided by the prime Swedish purveyors of pathological insanity. This, despite being confined to their respective asylums during the pandemic. The surgeons have composed these songs and contributed their various talents from their individual quarantines, and merged the various elements into this symphony of deviance.

Seven deadly snippets concerning life (and death) in the morgue, or any sound-proofed basement.

Support your local morgue and get the Lay Down and Be Counted EP (with additional bonuses) at Bandcamp:

Also available at all the usual streaming platforms.

jun 9 2021

Pre-release stream is live

The pre-release stream has been unearthed.
Check out the full Lay Down and Be Counted EP here:

jun 8 2021

Lay Down and Be Counted pre-release stream

Presented in collaboration with Invisible Oranges, we will unveil a pre-release stream of the full EP tomorrow, Wednesday 9th of June at 11:00 EDT/17:00 CEST.

Watch this morgue for a link tomorrow.