Extreme Necrology in 2018



It will be our honor (and your pleasure) to come celebrate the 20th anniversary of Obscene Extreme Festival in July next year – and of course, we needed to step our game up just a notch for this particular show. So, with that, let me pass the mic to Dr. McWilliams:

”30 years of gore-soaked insanity in the GENERAL SURGERY operating room have passed, and what better way to celebrate than to perform at one of the prime festivals for such noise, OEF. For this anniversary they’ve somehow managed to dust off their old vocalist to once again temporarily join their ranks in order to achieve the proper chaos of the songs that started it all.

The surgeons will be bringing their own brand of offal infested metal to the stage and letting my good self, Dr. McWilliams, bring my own peculiar tinge to the sing-along anthems of Necrology. All this in order to properly come to the soul crushing realization of their mortality and the fact that they’re really old.”

Prepare yourself orderly and don your protective clothing – get ready for a full performance of the Necrology EP along with choice cuts from the surgery team’s entire putrid discography. If that’s not something to look forward to, we don’t know what is.

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