Dr Sillman, official malpracticioner

Dr Sillman, Nalen, Stockholm May 2013

Dr Sillman, Nalen, Stockholm May 2013

Being a quite absent-minded bunch, we haven’t really managed to go
public with the following announcement for whatever reason.
At any rate, since late 2012 Dr Sillman was offered the vacant shred
guitarist position on the derelict surgery team you all know and love.
For reasons beyond the rest of the band’s moral comprehension, he
accepted the offer and subsequently his well being is being put at
risk. Notwithstanding, he managed to conjure the following statement:

”After starting out as a live guitarist in the band I’m extremely
happy to announce that my all-time favorite surgeon crew has asked me
to join the band as a full time member. This is a blood drenched
nightmare that finally came true, and I love every second of it! I
can’t wait to record a new album and getting out on the road with the
finest surgeons known to mankind so we can spread the gospel of the
gore! This is going to be messy, but you’ll love it!”

Obviously reality hasn’t quite settled in yet, but it’s still early
days. On to further malpractice!

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