Apr 7 2017

Previewing the Permutations

General Surgery/Bodybag split 12" LP

General Surgery/Bodybag split 12″ LP

The split with our spanish grind brothers Bodybag will be out very soon on Living Dead Society.

Strictly limited to 500 copies (400 black/100 grey mail order only). Make sure to order yours from LDS right away!

Check one song from each band at the Living Dead Society Bandcamp page.



1. Introsection/Premutating the Permutations
2. March of Toxaemia
3. From the Scalpel to the Drain
4. Constant Palpitation of Debasement – Parts 1 & 2
5. Rotinjection

Feb 9 2017

Sawing red

We will bring this new design, freshly oozing with gore, to the upcoming dates next weekend and also to the merch booth at N.D.F. in March. Artwork by Hippograffix, horrible humor by the Surgery Team. Get them while they last.

GS - I Saw Red tee

GS – I Saw Red tee

Feb 9 2017

United as One in gore

We’re confirmed for this year’s edition of the United as One extravaganza in Poviglio, Italy. The date is Friday 30th of June, make sure you show up for our return to Italy in many years!

GS - United as One fest

GS – United as One fest

Jan 13 2017

2017 exhibitions

To start of the new year in a grisly fashion we’re announcing a bunch of exhibitions to take place during the winter and spring. Hope we can see you at some of these gruesome gatherings pretty soon! Also, there’s probably a couple of more to come later in the year.

– 2017-02-16 Czech Republic/Prague, Modra Vopice
– 2017-02-17 Austria/Vienna, Escape
– 2017-02-18 Germany/Münich, Chaos Blast Meating festival
– 2017-03-04 Holland/Tilburg, Netherlands Deathfest
– 2017-04-01 England/London, The Black Heart (BTK 10 year anniversary party)
– 2017-05-20 Sweden/Stockholm, Kraken with Asphyx

As you probably have figured out by now, our Facebook page is more up to date so keep checking here for the latest:

GS 2017 spring shows

GS 2017 spring shows






London April 1st

London April 1st

Sthlm, Kraken May 20

Sthlm, Kraken May 20

Okt 3 2016

Close Up anniversary boat

Due to the band completely taking leave of their senses, they have decided (for some godforsaken reason no one really knows) to temporarily recruit their old so-called vocalist “Doctor” McWilliams. This, despite the fact that he is… well, himself.
General Surgery4
He’ll be joining the otherwise sane line up for some old-type singalongs on the Close Up old farts of death metal boat later this autumn, and trying his best not to completely ruin what would otherwise be a rather enjoyable set of gore-soaked ditties. We apologize in advance for everything pertaining to this rather unfortunate decision to once again briefly include him in our ranks.